Flame Detectors

Quickly identifies hydrocarbon fuel and gas fires. Operates in all weather and light conditions; triple spectrum technology provides immunity to false alarms.



UVIR Detectors



Fire Watch


Hydrocarbon flame detector

Hydrogen flame detector

Hydrocarbon and hydrogen flame detector

Optional HD camera

Deployable fire watch unit


Detection within 40 milliseconds of fireballs or explosions; detects standard fires 50 ft away within 1.3 seconds, and fires 230 ft away within 3.7 seconds.

Detection within 40 milliseconds of fireballs or explosions; detects hydrogen fires 0-66 ft away within 1.2 seconds, and fires 67-100 ft away within 4 seconds.

Ultra fast detection within 5 milliseconds of fireballs or explosions; detects fires up to 100 ft away for a 1ft n-heptane fire.

Provides live video feed and recording one minute pre-event and three minutes post-event. Fike Video Analytics may also be integrated for oil mist and smoke detection.

Equipped with one or two Fike flame detectors, satisfies temporary or long-term fire watch needs after hot work or if a fire protection system is disabled.












Flame Detector Features

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False-Alarm Resistant

Includes proprietary algorithms that identify characteristics unique to a flame, ensuring high reliability so processes aren’t shut down or suppression systems aren’t activated for a non-hazardous event.

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Optional Video Camera

Available with optional ONVIF-compatible video cameras, either in HD color or near IR (greyscale) to view invisible flame; also store onboard video of one minute pre-event and three minutes post-event recordings that can be easily downloaded and reviewed to determine the cause of the event.

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Wide Range of Applications

May be used in a variety of hazardous industrial environments including dusty outdoor locations such as a waste management facility or indoor manufacturing applications such as an automotive paint booth. The Fike team can help you determine the most suitable detector for your applications and provide design and specification recommendations.

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Fike offers various accessories such as air shields, weather covers, plastic covers for paint booth applications, pole mounts and hazardous area flame simulators.

Fike Video Analytics

Wouldn’t it be helpful if your flame detectors could identify the traces of a fire before ignition occurs?

Fike Video Analytics is the only fire detection software that can immediately identify not only flames but also smoke and oil mist before a significant fire occurs. The combination of flame detection and Fike Video Analytics creates a powerful early-warning fire detection system capable of immediately identifying fires and traces of fires in the most difficult of environments.

These capabilities are particularly helpful in power generation or ship engine applications where oil mist is common and has the ability to reach hot surfaces, or in waste management facilities where the incipient stages of a fire are obstructed and may only be identified from a plume of smoke. Fike Video Analytics can quickly detect each of these hazards and signal an alarm to a fire panel or monitoring station.

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Fike Fire Watch

Fire codes, insurance companies, corporate guidelines and local municipalities require temporary or long-term fire watch by qualified people during and after hot work or if a fire protection system is disabled or not currently installed (such as in new construction). 

Fike Fire Watch is an FM-approved, rapidly deployable fire detection system that provides essential job-site monitoring and satisfies most fire watch requirements. The code-compliant unit is equipped with either one or two Fike flame detectors and optional Fike Video Analytics, and is a cost-effective investment for any organization which incurs periodic fire watch expenses.

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Fike's Hot Works Robotic System

Case Study - Flame Detectors in Waste Management

Flame detectors are the ideal fire detection solution for many industries and applications. The following case study illustrates the benefits of using Fike Flame Detectors within waste management and recycling facilities, which may also be applied into many other industrial environments.

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Flame Detectors

How do flame detectors work?

1. Fire Detected

A flame detector identifies the unique characteristics of a fire (distinguishing between flame radiation and background thermal radiation), and the information is relayed to the fire control panel.

4. Suppression Flows

If applicable, a releasing panel will activate relays to dispense pre-action sprinkler systems or special hazard suppression onto the protected space.

2. HD Camera Activates

If the flame detector is equipped with an HD camera, live video will be viewable on the connected monitor providing real-time situational awareness. Up to four minutes of this footage will be recorded to identify the source of the fire so action can be taken to prevent it from occurring again.

3. Alarm Activates

The fire control panel goes into alarm, activating hors and strobes or pre-programmed voice messaging to either evacuate the facility or instruct personnel to extinguish the fire.

Which flame detector should I choose?

Each of the many variations of flame detectors are designed to identify specific types of fires and in certain environments. By following these steps, you or a Fike partner will determine the best flame detector for your unique application:

  • Assess which of your facility’s fuels or materials may result in a potential fire hazard.
  • Is the hazard indoors or outdoors.
  • Consider whether those potential fires are hydrocarbon or non-organic.
  • Determine whether the fuel is liquid, gaseous or solid.
  • Identify if potential radiation sources exist which could produce false alarms.
  • Predict if any environmental factors such as oil mist, grease or extreme weather could affect the flame detector.

Equipped with this information, a Fike provider will be able to select either an IR3, IR3-H3 or UV-IR would be the most reliable option, and whether the optional HD camera and Fike Video Analytics are recommended.

Choosing protection equipment
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What industries and applications are ideal for flame detection?


Loading and unloading terminals, outdoor weather decks, offshore oil and gas.

Product Manufacturing

Paint booths, process, production and storage areas.


Aircraft storage and maintenance hangars, airport gates, landing and takeoff areas.

Power Generation

Generator enclosures, gas turbines and compressor decks, oil storage tanks, transformers.

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