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Gain protection from pressure-related downtime and damaged equipment with Fike rupture discs.

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G2 Premium

G2 Premium Rupture Discs

Disc Names

Fike RD500 Atlas®, RD520 Axius®, RD540

Disc Category



Fike's proprietary G2 manufacturing technology results in reverse-acting rupture discs with the best operating ratios, burst tolerances, cycle life and backpressures available.


RD500 Atlas®

RD520 Axius®



Standard Forward

Disc Names

Poly-SD, SCRD, HOV, AD, P Series

Disc Category

Forward Acting


Available in a range of materials and sizes and suitable for ambient to high pressures. Best solution for applications without the requirement of a minimum free vapor volume.


RD500 Atlas®

RD520 Axius®



Premium Hygienic

Disc Names

Axius® SC

Disc Category

Reverse Acting, Hygienic


Free of any indentations or crevices which may trap process contaminants and designed with CIP/SIP functionality makes Axius® SC ideal for bio-tech, pharmaceutical and food and beverage applications.


Axius SC

Custom Disc Slider


Disc Category

Custom Engineered, Extruder


Available for applications where Fike standard rupture discs and holders require modifications or complete re-engineering to meet your unique needs.

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The Best From The Best: Fike G2 Technology

Rupture discs are a symbol of trust. That’s why for 75 years we’ve worked every day to achieve the highest operating ratios, tightest burst tolerances and greatest life cycles.

This dedication has resulted in the development of Fike's patented G2 manufacturing technology, which produces the most trusted rupture discs ever assembled.

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G2 Burst Disc

Protect Your Pressure Relief Valves

Fike's ValveGuard strategy uses rupture discs in tandem with pressure relief valves (PRV's) to prevent fugitive emmission, protect PRV's from blockage and viscous media and allows the use of standard PRV's in corrosive environments. All of these factors reduce the need for costly maintenance and extend the lifetime of the PRV.

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PRVs and Rupture Discs

Hygienic Rupture Discs for Food & Bev, Pharma

Standard rupture discs may collect unwanted media or bacteria, so hygienic rupture discs are engineered with ultra-smooth surfaces, for CIP/SIP processes, and more.

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Custom Solutions For Unique Problems

Some pressure relief challenges fall outside of what is considered “standard.” Equipped with an experienced team of pressure relief experts, an on-site ASME-certified flow characteristics lab and more experience in the industry than anyone else, we can solve your unique pressure-related problem.

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Pressure Relief Valve Isolation

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Food & Beverage Processing

Why Choose Fike Rupture Discs?

Fike is an industrial safety solutions provider whose products are trusted around the world to protect workers, mission-critical assets and the businesses themselves. Yet, it all began in 1945 with the creation of our first safety device, the Fike rupture disc.

Ever since, the Fike team has worked to expand our rupture disc offerings into new applications, to perfect performance, and to reduce lead times. That’s why Fike is one of the pioneers of modern rupture disc technology, and will continue to be for the years and decades ahead. Because so much is at stake™.

Reduce Total Cost Of Ownership

Fike rupture discs are designed to maximize operating ratios, withstand high temperatures and pressure cycles, and are available in a wide range of materials to ensure compatibility with your process. All of these factors ensure a long lifespan by reducing the time in between replacement and preventing costly unplanned downtime due to disc failure.

Fast Lead Times

Fike controls each part of the rupture disc manufacturing process, allowing us to deliver your rupture disc when required. In emergency cases our expedited services will allow you to resume operations as quickly as possible, reducing costly downtime.

Unmatched Support

Our team of experts are available to help you with your rupture disc questions, inquiries and orders. We also provide rigorous training to our distribution partners to ensure that they are able to assist you at the Fike standard.

Custom Solutions

Fike's custom pressure relief solutions have been used in cryogenic applications, hygienic environments, extremely small and large applications, and even in space! Regardless of your challenge, our team of engineers have seen it all and are here to solve your unique pressure relief problems with custom engineered products.

Understanding ASME Code and Rupture Discs

Access Fike's ASME Code and Rupture Discs Technical Bulletin 8100 on the most generally relevant references regarding requirements for rupture disc devices.

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G2 Laser Disc Production
Producing G2 rupture discs

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