Pressure Relief & Product Contamination


In Pharma, Food and Bec & Bio Tech Manufacturing

When manufacturing consumable products, combating product contamination is critical because of the effect an impure batch can have on the business and most importantly to its users.

One potential source of contamination is from pressure relief valves (PRVs) used to prevent overpressure during the production process.

However, due to their multiple-component structure and operation, PRVs are…

  • not always sealed and may allow foreign substances to enter the process.
  • often subject to corrosion due to their numerous components and material types.
  • difficult if not impossible to clean, especially after venting product.
  • prone to “weep” once operating pressures approach the set pressure.
Pressure Relief-Non Contamination

Rupture Discs’ Effects on Product Contamination

Fike rupture discs are often used to replace PRVs in these processes not only because of their superior pressure relief performance and lower total cost of ownership, but also because of their advantages in combating product contamination:

Leak Tight, Hermetically Sealed Electro-Polishing and Passivation Capabilities CIP/SIP Process Compatibility 3-A Sanitary Standards Compliance

Hermetically Sealed

Electro Polishing

CIP_SIP Compatability

Sanitary Standards

Rupture Discs & Pressure Relief Valves

Rupture discs are frequently used to isolate Pressure Relief Valves to prevent expensive product loss from leakage, contamination and wear and tear of the valve. Only when the disc ruptures will the process rely solely on the PRV to contain the pressure and vessel contents until the rupture disc can be replaced.

Axius SC

Fike Axius® SC

Fike’s Axius SC is engineered to achieve a smooth, crevice-free design to help meet 3A compliance and to meet the unique hygienic demands to address product contamination.

This premium rupture disc is engineered and manufactured with Fike’s patented G2 technology, which offers the highest operating ratios, tightest burst tolerances and greatest life cycles.

Axius SC is manufactured in both the US and EU, which dramatically minimizes lead times for both new installations and for rupture disc replacements minimizing downtime.

Axius SC